High Quality Towel Warmer Towel Warmer for Beauty Solons
  • High Quality Towel Warmer Towel Warmer for Beauty Solons
  • High Quality Towel Warmer Towel Warmer for Beauty Solons

    High Quality Towel Warmer Towel Warmer for Beauty Solons

  • 【Brief】:Towel warmer
  • 【Series】:Steamer
Product Description

Portable towel warmer for beauty salons

Performance Characters:
These products are equipped with micro-computer heating temperature control device and mounted with a over hot protection system, only by pressing down the starting knot, its temperature will automatically rise and when the inner temperature arrives to the given level, the program will automatically work to keep the temperature rising system will automatically work to raise the temperature.
  1. To put the electric heating towel cabinet on a table or a safe and stable place before using it;
  2. Please reconfirm the power plug of the towel cabinet's introduction;
  3. Please insert the power plug of the towel cabinet into the safe plug base with a reliable earth connection;
  4. Please put the clean and wet towels folded tidily on the inside shells of the cabinet, then close well the door;
  5. By pressing down the power knot, the power red light is turned on and the cabinet is in ready state, then to press down the yellow light knot and the cabinet is being in process of sterilizing, when to press down the green knot, the cabinet is in temperature keeping state, if the towels needn't to be sterilized, please press the yellow light knot to turn off the sterilizing program;
  6. When the temperature has reached to the given level, the program turns into a temperature keeping state;
  7. If the temperature is lower than the given one, an electric heat rising system will work automatically.
  1. After starting the cabinet and when it hasn't reached to the given level of temperature, please don't try to open the cabinet's door and so as not to affect the heat rising result;
  2. Please use a cramp to fetch the towels when they have been done due to the high temperature inside the cabinet, and never try to fetch towels directly with hands in order to avoid being scalded;
  3. When to clean the cabinet, please make sure to pull off the power plug first;
  4. Please to check often the water deposit box and empty the deposit water timely;
  5. If there is any breakdown during the course of using, please feel free to contact the contracted after-sales services suppliers or our company directly.
Main Techniques Index:
             Types WD-23A
Volume 23L
Wattage 200W
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Temperature 70 ± 10˚C
Loading Capacity 50-60towels
Dimension 450 x 310 x 355mm
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