Vacuum Therapy Breast Enhancer Massage Breast Shapping Beauty Spa Machine
  • Vacuum Therapy Breast Enhancer Massage Breast Shapping Beauty Spa Machine
  • Vacuum Therapy Breast Enhancer Massage Breast Shapping Beauty Spa Machine
  • Vacuum Therapy Breast Enhancer Massage Breast Shapping Beauty Spa Machine

    Vacuum Therapy Breast Enhancer Massage Breast Shapping Beauty Spa Machine

  • 【Brief】:


    1, the detection principle: the breast using infrared probe near infrared scanning detection, because the breast tissue penetrating infrared light intensity (penetrate human tissue 3-10cm) and selective (main choice of blood hemoglobin, ie of hemoglobin in the blood has a strong infrared light absorption, in which the gray effect) to form an image gray shades, thus discriminating a variety of breast diseases.Detection range: accuracy check: breast hyperplasia, breast cysts, acute mastitis and mammary duct ectasia; accurate diagnosis: ductal retraction, breast cancer, papillary tumors and breast fibroids and so on. Early detection! Early prevention! Early treatment!

    2, the adsorption principle: the principle of negative pressure through the use of optical, electrical, thermal energy supplement breast cells penetrate to the subcutaneous 8?, Rearrange muscle fiber structure, accelerate blood circulation, dredge breast tissue, accelerate lymphatic circulation toxins and waste. Achieve a variety of prevention and treatment of breast diseases. While producing energy through the far infrared stimulation to increase the first to make the chest organs absorb adequate nutrition, rapid acceleration of cell division, the connective tissue regeneration, so the chest naturally plump erect.Functional areas: breast, corrective Munakata, nipple retraction, detoxification scraping, beaten honey organization, hip modification effect.

    3, physiotherapy principle: imitation biological current to stimulate the breast ducts, dredge breast duct, and through infrared thermal effect, accelerate blood circulation, activate cells, replenish nutrients, accelerate metabolism. 
    Range of functions: clear ductal soften the breast nodules and lumps, ovary, kidney care, alleviate sex.

  • 【Series】:Breast & butt enlargement

vacuum therapy breast enhancer massage breast shapping beauty machine healthy care spa


1, the gray level: refers to the rendered shadow breast lesions, graded according to their degree of difficulty is called grayscale.
?, ? gray: light gray shadow, good light transmission, similar to white
?, ? level grayscale: the shades of gray, light transmission is reduced, lighter color than the areola
?, ? level grayscale: dark gray shadow, representing patients areola gray, faint light transmission;
?, ?-level grayscale: the black and gray shadow, opacity weak
?, ? level grayscale: To not homogeneous, is a non-uniform opacity.

Note: ? level grayscale more common in patients with breast hyperplasia, breast cancer, mostly in shades of gray ? - ? grade range, but worthy of attention is the depth Huiying not identify the main symbol of benign and malignant tumors, such as breast cysts and milk product, etc. can appear dark gray shadow. 

2, vascular changes: changes in blood vessels is to determine the nature of the other indicators of breast lumps. Infrared transillumination breast imaging shows the vascular shadow mainly superficial veins, especially breast cancer can be used as a reference.
?, normal blood vessels: vessels not thick not thin, formed from the nipple to the heart-shaped distribution;
?, deformed blood vessels A: distribution of blood vessels with little or no show, indistinct, blood vessels become smaller, bilateral breast asymmetry, more common in breast fibroids;
?, deformed blood vessels B: rich in blood vessels, to the normal vascular reticular distribution or buckling, blood thicker, compared with bilateral breast asymmetry, more common in breast hyperplasia;
?, deformation vascular C: vascular abnormalities, and the emergence increased to right, the emergence of local density and vascular plexus.


1, when in use, you must first open the power switch on the back of the instrument, then insert the instrument parts to the corresponding output hole to avoid reflux electrical phenomenon.
2, in the use of the function, you must take guests and beauticians who are wearing metal jewelry removed, in order to avoid the current increase of the phenomenon.
3, severe hypertension, heart disease, pregnant women, menstrual unfit for use.
4, breast augmentation, skin trauma, people with infectious diseases should not be used.


(A) Breast Therapy
1, according to the customer choose different types of breast size cup. Hose with the suction cup with a socket connected.
2, the customer Banwo, chest elongation.
3 cup pressure regulator knob to the minimum, press the power switch, the function selection switch is pressed, the suction cup is aspirated state.
4, with the cup by breast breasts on the cover in the correct position of the edge of the cup with a double breast dense paste.
5, adjust the strength of the weak to strong, and while adjusting the knob to adjust the air pressure inside the cup large to small to customer satisfaction.
6,20 minutes to adjust the strength of the weakest you can remove the cup.
7, painted chest cream.

(B) body carving therapy
1, according to customer needs, with a hose and grease head and hosts connected.
2, nursing parts coated with massage oil.
3, adjust the customer can afford suction, using long suction mode, pulling in the same direction nursing position, followed by another hand to appease.
4, each pulling the head from grease, apply another hand touch the skin, making it tilt deflated, then let's open.

(C) Physiotherapy
1, Rejuvenating underwear can not be activated simultaneously, choose one, insert the corresponding jack.
2, adjust the customer can withstand temperatures and current intensity, according to the specific circumstances of customer selects the current mode, the faster the frequency, the deeper the penetration.
3, there is an aromatherapy cloth pants, according to the needs of customers corresponding drops of essential oils, played the role of adjuvant therapy.

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